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A woman is visibly frustrated about her sleep deprivation.

Sleep Deprivation and Weight Gain: What’s the Link?

/ Weight Loss and Nutrition
Are you exercising 1-2 hours a day, eating well, and still can't move the scale? Learn more about the link between sleep deprivation and weight gain.
A woman is depressed after experiencing pain during sex

When You Experience Pain During Sex

/ Sexual Health
Pain that occurs during intercourse can be incredibly frustrating. Here's the good news: it's totally reversible, and you don't have to face it alone.
A worried young woman stares at computer screen

Stress and Weight Gain: Fat is Not Your Fault

/ Weight Loss and Nutrition
Trying to lose weight and discovering that you're gaining it instead is frustrating. Learn more about how stress can cause weight gain instead of loss.
The (Natural) Secrets to Relieving PMS Symptoms

The (Natural) Secrets to Relieving PMS Symptoms

/ Mood and Memory
PMS occurs within one or two weeks of a woman's anticipated period. Here are some natural strategies that can help reduce and control PMS symptoms.
Sexual Health for Men and Women

Sexual Health for Men and Women

/ Health and Wellness, Sexual Health
Sexual health is dependent on hormone levels, self-image, social interactions, and family situations. Intimacy between partners is an essential part of keeping a long-term relationship.
healthy, happy african american man and woman

Yes, You Can Prevent Chronic Disease!

/ Health and Wellness
Science has shown us that lifestyle factors like nutrition, exercise, sleep and stress management can help fight against aging and chronic disease.
olive oil cruet with olives on table

Is Eating Fat The Secret To Weight Loss?

/ Health and Wellness
Have you been searching for the secret? The secret diet, the secret pill, the secret ingredient that will make you healthy, feel great and lose weight? Well, the truth is there is not one magic secret that fits all.
Sunset over hills

The Great Protector: Vitamin D, Your Brain and Alzheimer’s

/ Health and Wellness
Hi, it’s Dr. Sklar with our tip of the week for your brain health and cognition–Vitamin D. Vitamin D protects the nerves in your brain against Alzheimer’s disease. One of the most important lab tests to know is your Vitamin D level.
Couple dancing

Dancing & Cognition

/ Health and Wellness
Little did I know when I sent out my blog last week about taking a hip hop class for fun that there actually is scientific evidence about the value of dance in preventing cognitive decline.