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“Dr. Susan Sklar is a caring and dedicated Physician who uses extensive scientific data, patient input, and her years of experience to create advanced Wellness Programs for her patients. She has a unique approach to medicine based the research Suzanne Somers writes about in her books. And this approach creates improved energy, well-being, and health for her patients so that they can enjoy long, active, energized, and happy lives. It was an honor to be her Business Coach and to watch her practice grow and to see her help so many people. I would recommend Dr. Susan Sklar to anyone who wants to take a proactive approach to maintaining their health.”  – Donna Schilder, MCC, BCC Executive Coach / Career Coach / Master Certified Coach

“Dr. Sklar is an absolute ‘Dream Doctor’ to work with collaboratively!”
I’ve been fortunate to witness the healing process and transformation of counseling clients participating with Dr. Sklar’s Center for Restorative Medicine.   These clients embody holistic healing at its best, addressing their medical and physical needs with Dr. Sklar’s compassionate and thorough methods, rarely seen in medicine today.  Clients working with Dr. Sklar have the benefit of gaining a more balanced-hormonal system, medically and energetically, providing a more supportive platform for their emotional work to grow..”   – Kayla Tse, MFT

Jean said you called to ask her if she thought the treatment was working for.  I know she told you yes but I want to elaborate.   She is wonderful!!  Her energy is a good normal.  Her periods are normal.  Her fitness trainer has said how much better she has improved these last 2 months  She took a Japanese summer class and signed up this fall semester for 5 classes. She’s more positive and made new friends in summer school.    We were at her primary doctor today and we raved about how well your treatment has made the difference for her. That doctor was so happy to see her so well.   We are so grateful for your help.  It is worth every penny.”   – Sara, Jean’s mom

“Great!” – Rubina C.

“Fast & efficient…love it” – Linda N.

“My experience with Dr. Sklar and her extremely professional staff has been very beneficial to my health. The specialized tests and Dr. Sklar’s expert knowledge have improved my life tremendously! Dr. Sklar’s kind and caring ways have made my experience at Sklar Center for Restorative Medicine truly life-enhancing. Heartfelt thanks to Dr. Sklar and her staff!” –  Carole B.

“This has opened my eyes to truly preventative medicine. I look forward to living a long & healthy life.” – Linda N.

“Dr. Sklar is very passionate about what she is doing. I have known her over 30 years as a patient and find her very caring and competent.” – Anonymous

“I really like Doctor Sklar. She was very patient and understanding. She explained to me all the concerns I had about my health. Her staff was very courteous and kind. “ – Rosetta C.

“When I arrived at Dr. Sklar ‘ office there was some there to welcome to the office. My visit with Dr. Sklar went well. I was to fill out some forms and then Dr. Sklar went over them with me. Right away after going over the information she suggested that I do some testing. She was very straightforward in telling me what tests I needed. My overall experience with Dr. Sklar and her office was very good.” – Anonymous

“All the staff working with Dr. Sklar are excellent!!!” – Kathy Z.

“Brittany greats you with a warm smile, and his helpful in directing my questions to the right person.” – Anonymous

“Got blood drawn by very friendly gals.” – Susan R.

“All the staff are very friendly. I ran into one staff member in the elevator and she greeted me by name even though I had only seen her a couple of times in the past. The have the best NUTS to snack on while you are in the waiting area (and delicious tea), so it is a very nice place to come to.” – Anonymous

“Dr. Sklar is a very patient, detail-oriented doctor who is willing to really listen to the patient’s complaints. A rare concept these days! She goes to great lengths to find a viable solution to your health problems! She’s a wonderful physician!” – Anonymous

“Dr. Sklar is caring, knowledgable, and willing to individualize each patient’s regime.” – Anonymous

“I was very pleased with Dr.Sklar and her staff. Dr. Sklar was very caring and listened to my hormonal problems.” – Marisa O.

“Thank you for a very comprehensive meeting. I feel safe in your hands. Thank you very, very much.” – Anonymous

“Dr. Sklar is amazing! She is very concerned and passionate. My hormone packet allows me to perform my job duties as a firefighter to my full potential. For the last 12 months, I have not gained any weight. Secondly, My sex drive is VERY high. My mood is EXTREMELY stabled. Next, My menstrual cycle is very CONSISTENT and extremely LIGHT. Lastly, the entire staff is very helpful and patient.” – TA’Ana M.

“Dr. Sklar is professional, knowledgeable and patient. She does not make me feel rushed on my scheduled appointments with her. She looks at all possible angles when prescribing supplements for optimal results.Dr. Sklar’s staff is friendly and professional.” – Anonymous

“Everyone I’ve talked to at Dr. Sklar’s office has been very helpful and always returned my calls/emails promptly. My conference with Dr. Sklar was very thorough and informative.” – Anonymous

“Dr. Sklar is extremely thorough and will go to great lengths to resolve any and all medical problems you might be experiencing. I highly recommend her professional expertise and highly skilled staff!” – Anonymous

“I love being under the care of Dr. Sklar, she takes her time, is not rushed and is very calming. I feel confident in knowing that my quality of life will improve under the expertise of Dr. Sklar” – Linda C.

“So far I really love Dr. Sklar!” – Anonymous

“Dr. Sklar is very thorough and knowledgeable. She is able to explain medical terms and functions such that they are easy to understand by the layman.” – Anonymous

“As usual excellent service from Dr. Sklar and her staff. With her calm thoughtful, and knowledgeable manner, you feel you are in good hands.” – Anonymous

“Always welcoming and comfortable, and Dr. Sklar always takes the time to listen and offer suggestions.” – Anonymous

“My experience with Dr. Sklar’s office has been a learning experience. I now know that bioidentical hormones are not the hormones of old. Dr. Sklar’s program has made me more organized about my health care. Before starting the program I was happy to workout twice a week. After starting the program working out made me feel so good I upped my workout to four days. I am retired but now have a new job and that job is working out and taking care of myself. The new year I plan to workout five days a week just like going to work. Only this time it is working on my fifty eight-year-old body. Feeling GREAT and Loving the Sklar center programs. My husband and sister in law are also on the Sklar center programs. RST” – Anonymous

“It is always a pleasure to visit Dr. Sklar. She is an excellent healthcare, wellness and restorative medicine professional and a great friend as well.” – Karen

“I was slowly becoming a stranger to myself. I went from an energetic person who lived an active lifestyle to someone I did not recognize. Symptoms like excruciating fatigue, anxiety, lack of sleep, paranoid thoughts, and brittle nails were just some of the changes I was noticing but the list was long and unpleasant. I could not understand how I was going to continue in my demanding career. Fortunately, I found Dr. Sklar and things began to change. I now feel significantly better than before and feel forever grateful that, under Dr. Sklar’s care, I have my life back. I continue to notice improvements as time goes on. Sometimes I realize improvement in areas I had not even noticed decline in. Thank you Dr. Sklar!” – L. London


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