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Dr Sklar Blog post - what can lower your sex drive

What Can Lower Your Sex Drive?

Medical and social problems that can lower sex drive are revealed. Recognizing and taking steps to address these issues can reawaken interest in sex and lead to increased intimacy and renewed relationships. ...
couple in bed

Women’s Orgasms: The Mysteries Revealed

Do you feel a similar frustration about your own ability – or inability – to orgasm? Here is some information on women’s orgasms, the truths and the myths ...
A woman is depressed after experiencing pain during sex

When You Experience Pain During Sex

Pain that occurs during intercourse can be incredibly frustrating. Here's the good news: it's totally reversible, and you don't have to face it alone ...
Sexual Health for Men and Women

Sexual Health for Men and Women

Sexual health is dependent on hormone levels, self-image, social interactions, and family situations. Intimacy between partners is an essential part of keeping a long-term relationship ...

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