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Could Hormones be the Cause of Your Fatigue Symptoms?

Fatigue symptoms are one of the most common things I hear from patients at the Sklar Center. They say, “I don’t have the energy to do the things ...
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Roller coaster about to drop

Eating for Energy: Getting Off of the Blood Sugar Rollercoaster

Eating for energy has two important pieces: (1) regulating your blood sugar, and (2) nourishing your adrenal glands. This article will explain the benefits of blood sugar regulation, ...
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Time for Bed clock improving sleep

Improving Sleep: Part 2

(Note: this is the final article of a two-part series; Improving Sleep: Part 1 explores some questions about sleep and its benefits.) Improving our sleep may be the ...
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man sleeping in bed

Improving Sleep (Part 1): Why we Sleep and the Benefits of Improving our Sleep

Why do we sleep and what are the benefits of improving our sleep? According to the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, “About 30 percent of adults have symptoms ...
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Woman in coat indoors cold due to untreated thyroid condition

Untreated Thyroid Disease: Do You Feel Cold, Fat, and Tired?

Untreated thyroid disease is more common than you may think and affects thousands of women. For some it destroys their life. Feeling cold and exhausted diminishes the quality ...
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Feeling Tired All the Time? Adrenal Fatigue: Symptoms and Treatment

Feeling tired all the time may be a symptom of Adrenal Fatigue. As a physician in practice for the last 34 years I have cared for many patients ...
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