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Depression & Anxiety Specialist

Anxiety and depression make even the simplest tasks difficult. If you’re tired of feeling down and exasperated by traditional approaches to mental health, functional medicine might be what you need. At the Sklar Center for Restorative Health, we investigate the physical factors contributing to your low moods and treat the cause. Whether you live in the Long Beach, California, area or at a distance, take the first step toward feeling like yourself again: book an appointment online or by phone with the Sklar Center today.

Depression & Anxiety Q & A

How do I know if I have anxiety or depression?

It’s best to have our team at the Sklar Center make an evaluation and make a clinical diagnosis to determine whether you have anxiety or depression, but you might recognize them by their symptoms:


  • Excessive worry
  • Nervousness or panic for no plausible reason
  • Knots in your stomach


  • Overwhelmed with normal tasks
  • Inability to enjoy daily life
  • Inexplicable sadness and crying
  • Lost pleasure in activities you usually enjoy
  • Feelings of worthlessness or hopelessness

What are the physical causes of anxiety and depression?

Hormonal imbalances, particularly during menstrual cycles, can impact your psychological state. Your calming hormones (estrogen and progesterone) also decline during menopause and can be erratic during childbearing years, aggravating your mental health problems..

Inflammation can also affect your mental health. Food allergies, parasite infections, and yeast overgrowth can all contribute to that inflammatory response in your body which then inflames your brain, causing anxiety or depression..

In addition to hormonal imbalances and inflammation, accumulated stress, nutrient deficiencies, and digestive problems can result in chemical imbalances in the brain. Genetic problems with methylation can also interfere with important chemical conversions of neurotransmitters (brain chemicals).

What treatment options do you provide for anxiety and depression?

At the Sklar Center for Restorative Medicine, we begin your treatment by investigating the causes of your anxiety and depression using advanced testing methods. We have found that a combination therapy of hormones, supplements, and nutrition, along with counseling, to be the most effective approach.

Estrogen and progesterone treatments for women and testosterone treatments for men may improve mood in people with hormone imbalances. The Sklar Center Team may suggest anti-inflammatory foods and supplements to restore your body’s optimal equilibrium.

If stress is a major factor for you, the Sklar Center Team can coach you through relaxation techniques. Practicing regular yoga, meditation, deep breathing, and other calming exercises tempers your overactive nervous system.

Since there’s a strong connection between the gut and brain, it’s important to make dietary changes to support gut-brain connection. Supplements can help correct nutrient deficiencies that might be contributing to your mood problems.  We consider the whole person and used laboratory testing to provide the proper dietary counseling.

Take the first step toward feeling like yourself again: book an appointment online or by phone with the Sklar Center today.

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