Meet Our Team

Dr. Susan Sklar, MD

Susan Sklar, MD

Susan Sklar, MD, opened the Sklar Center for Restorative Health in response to the unmet medical needs of men and women in the Long Beach, California, area. When conventional medicine did not address her own and many of her patients’ concerns, she turned to functional medicine and found the answer. As a practitioner of functional medicine, Dr. Sklar takes a holistic approach to the body and the way all its systems work together.

Dr. Sklar is a Harvard-trained gynecologist who spent more than 20 years as a practicing OB/GYN. She started her medical training at the Boston University School of Medicine and served an internship at Boston City Hospital. She completed her obstetrics and gynecology residency at Harvard’s Beth Israel Hospital.

Using the Sklar Center Protocols she designed, she solved her own medical problems. Dr. Sklar’s discovery and her personal experience with functional and anti-aging medicine drive her to share this new approach with her community. The Sklar Center for Restorative Health is a place where people can feel great again and maintain optimal health, and she invites you to find out what a difference the Sklar Center Protocols can make in your life.

Dr. Sklar is now licensed in Florida as well as California.

Nicole Daddona, ND

Dr. Nicole Daddona, who likes to be called “Dr. Nicole,” is passionate about natural healing. She is a licensed Naturopathic Doctor which means that she believes in the body’s innate ability to heal itself. Her three main goals are to treat people not symptoms, to empower patients through understanding and education, and to help individuals obtain optimal health. She partners with her patients to transform their health with diet, lifestyle and holistic treatments.

She desires to make the world a better place, one person at a time. She has been described as a medical detective. She explores all the disparate pieces and weaves them together to determine the root causes of illness. Once the causes are found she focuses on restoring healthy physiology through a functional medicine perspective.

She was drawn to naturopathic medicine in a quest to restore her own health. She had suffered for years with digestive issues that no one was able to solve. It was through her training in medical school that she learned how to heal herself. She is now healthier in her 40’s than she was in her 20’s.

Dr. Nicole treats common medical conditions such as allergies, diabetes, heart disease and arthritis. She has a special focus on gastrointestinal issues including small bowel intestinal overgrowth, inflammatory bowel disease, irritable bowel disease and bothersome symptoms such as gas, bloating, and constipation. She has expertise in working with complex autoimmune diseases such as Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, rheumatoid arthritis, and multiple sclerosis. She is licensed in California. She graduated from the National College of Naturopathic Medicine in 2007. She maintained a busy private practice in Portland for 5 years before moving to Southern Oregon and joining an interdisciplinary clinic. She is excited to join Sklar Center for Restorative Medicine and be part of a truly holistic approach to health and wellness.

Ruth Allison Dana, ND

Ruth Allison Dana, ND became a naturopathic doctor so she could be a practitioner who is skilled in both natural and modern medicine. She values taking the time to get to know complex patients who have been neglected by the conventional medical system.

She received her doctorate at Bastyr University, the premier institute for research-based naturopathic medicine, in San Diego, California. She then completed an accredited residency in Washington State, while also finishing 150 hours of postgraduate education in Functional Neurology.

She has a passion for treating chronic pain and injury that started with a background in massage therapy and joint manipulation. Her practice evolved through extensive training in regenerative injection therapies. She offers trigger point injections, neural therapy, and ultrasound-guided injections using prolotherapy, platelet-rich plasma, and other regenerative solutions.

Dr. Dana is known for helping her patients understand their conditions so they can achieve better health. She is skillful at treating the whole person and understanding how different systems (such as gastrointestinal, immune, and neurological systems) influence one another.

She goes above and beyond standard requirements for continuing medical education, as she feels this is truly an exciting time in medicine. Advances in laboratory testing and regenerative medicine continue to amaze her and inform her practice.

She loves to help her patients find the causes of their illnesses and learn to give their bodies what they need to heal naturally.

Outside of work, she loves going to the beach or running with her Dalmatian Poodle mix, Polka, and learning challenging dance roller skating moves with her friends from Venice Beach.


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