Help for Burning Mouth Syndrome

Seven Information Packed Videos

Video Part 1 - Introduction

Part 1: Introduction

Imagine the frustration of having a continuous painful disorder that cannot be definitively diagnosed with any test or imagining, interferes with eating, becomes progressively worse, has no known cause, and for which there is no highly effective treatment. This is what patients with Burning Mouth Syndrome deal with every day of their lives.
Video Part 2 - Diagnosis

Part 2: Diagnosis

One of the discouraging things about burning mouth syndrome is it can take a very long time to diagnose. Many people go to see dentists, oral surgeons, ear, nose, and throat specialists. Wondering if it’s an allergic problem. Seeing allergy doctors, seeing their usual family practice doctors in internal medicine and, alternative health practitioners as well.
Video Part 3 - Misconceptions

Part 3: Misconceptions

Some of the scientific articles actually say Burning Mouth Syndrome is a cancer phobia. Other misconceptions are that stress causes burning mouth. Another theory is that it’s a somatization disorder, meaning instead of feeling your feelings such as sadness, you develop mouth pain.
Video Part 4 - It's not your head

Part 4: It's not your head

While many physicians tell you the cause of burning mouth is psychological, I know it’s not your head. What else have studies shown?
Video Part 5 - Treatment

Part 5: Treatment

In this video, I review all the standard treatments for burning mouth. I discuss what works and what doesn’t. In addition, I include some of the troubling side effects.
Video Part 6 - Hormones

Part 6: Hormones

90% of the people that have burning mouth syndrome are perimenopausal and menopausal women. I have searched the literature for the last 40 years and there are maybe four or five studies in burning mouth looking at hormones and they all showed benefit. Bioidentical hormones are safe and have been a breakthrough in burning mouth treatment.
Video Part 7 - Innovative Therapies

Part 7: Innovative Therapies

On the horizon are what are called peptides. They have represented an amazing advance in restorative medicine. What’s really wonderful about peptides is they don’t just dampen your inflammatory response, they actually, help our poorly working cells thrive and become healthy and efficient again.


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