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Dr. Sklar on Smart Women Talk Radio

(May 16, 2017) Join us as we’ll discuss: Why we are in a War for our Health. Click here to listen now


(Sept 20, 2016) Join us as we’ll discuss: Alzheimer’s: What If There Was a Solution. Click here to listen now


(Aug 11, 2015) Join us as we’ll discuss: Unresolved Thyroid Symptoms: Answers and Solutions. Click here to listen now


(Feb 11,2013) Join us as we’ll discuss: Heart Attacks: Knowing Your Risk Before It Happens Click here to listen now


Episode #2 (Dec 10, 2013) Join us as we’ll discuss: How to prevent cancer through proper diet. Why healthy grains actually cause disease. Click here to listen now


Episode #63 (Aug 14, 2012) Join us as we’ll discuss: That hormones are safe-estrogen is safe for women, testosterone is safe for men. Hormones will preserve your brain, heart, skin, bones as you age. And hormones are the solution to aging with vitality. Click here to listen now


Episode #147 (July 27, 2010) Join us as we’ll discuss: “Help! My Hormones are Hurting. Midlife change and the struggle for hormonal balance.” Click here to listen now






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