FAQ for New Consults

1) How do I know if the Sklar Center is right for me?

If you are looking to feel your best and want to reach optimal health, the Sklar Center is right for you. If you are ready to make a personal and financial commitment to solving your biggest health problems, the Sklar Center is right for you.

2) Will you be able to help me with my health problems?

We have answers to many problems that have been labeled as unsolvable. Our evaluation and assessment processes are the first steps toward knowing if we can help you. The Sklar Center Diagnostic Assessment contains questions that will help us understand your health problems and whether we have a solution for you.

3) Do you treat men as well as women?

Yes, we treat men and women. Dr Sklar is a restorative medicine expert who understands the hormonal and other health needs of men as well as women.

4) Whom do I contact to become a patient at the Sklar Center?

You will contact our New Patient Intake Coordinator at 562-344-5773 to begin the process of evaluation. The Coordinator will take you through the necessary steps including arranging an appointment, completing paperwork and answering your questions.

5) It is difficult for me to come into the office. Can I have phone appointments?

Yes, we communicate in a variety of ways for your convenience. We have in-office appointments, phone appointments, Skype appointments and secure e-mail for communication.

6) What credit cards do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards.

7) Do you work with my other doctors?

The Sklar Center Programs provide you with an introductory letter to your other doctors in order to facilitate your best care. We want to coordinate with your other doctors so that you feel well taken care of. Too often patients are running back and forth coordinating their own care between their physicians.

8) Where are you located?

We are located at 5000 East Spring Street in Long Beach at the intersection of Spring Street and Clark Avenue. We share a business park with the Marriott Hotel, AAA, and Boeing. We are near the Long Beach Municipal Airport. There is plenty of parking at our facility. 

9) I do not live in the area. Is there anything I can do?

Some Sklar Center patients live outside the Los Angeles area. 

Patients come to the Sklar Center to solve their health problems from across the United States and other parts of the world. Whether you live outside the Los Angeles area or in another state, the Sklar Center will accommodate you with follow-up care in your home location.

Where possible your initial medical consultation will be done at the Sklar Center with Dr. Sklar. Follow-up appointments can then be arranged by phone or Skype or in the office. If you are unable to come to the Sklar Center in person for an initial appointment special arrangements can be made to accommodate you. Contact our Patient Care Coordinator at (562) 596-5196 to discuss the right type of arrangement for you.

10) What to bring to your appointment

Prior to your appointment please send the following forms and medical information to the Sklar Center:

Copies of any recent test results.

Bring the supplements or medications you are currently taking to your initial appointment.

Dr. Sklar also recommends involving your partner in the process where possible. If dietary or other lifestyle changes are required to benefit your health it is often helpful to involve other family members in the process.

11) Travel information for patients outside our area

The Sklar Center is conveniently located just minutes from the Long Beach Municipal Airport. We recommend the use of this airport for patients flying in. It is a small airport with minimal time spent boarding or collecting baggage so you have more time to spend at the Sklar Center or relaxing in your hotel.

Long Beach Airport

4100 Donald Douglas Dr., Long Beach, CA 90808.    (562) 570-2600

Just 6 minutes by car from the Sklar Center.


Los Angeles International Airport

1 World Way, Los Angeles, CA 90045    (310) 646-5252

30 to 45 minutes by car, depending on traffic, from the Sklar Center.


John Wayne Airport

18601 Airport Way,  Santa Ana, CA 92707    (949) 252-5200

25 minutes by car from the Sklar Center.



There are many hotels in the Long Beach area. We recommend the Marriott Hotel Long Beach – a 4 minute walk from the Sklar Center. The Marriott will also provide transportation from the Long Beach Airport.

Long Beach Marriott

4700 Airport Plaza Drive, Long Beach, CA 90815    (562) 425-5210


Things to Do in Long Beach

Long Beach is at the heart of Southern California’s attractions. From the legendary Queen Mary to the Disneyland Resort and many more in between, you can extend your stay and take in the fun.


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