Frequently Asked Questions

1) Can you help me with fatigue or exhaustion?

fatigue and exhaustion can have multiple causes. The most common ones I see are hormone deficiencies and adrenal fatigue.

We have a number of effective and safe treatments that include hormone restoration and use of plant-based supplements for healing.


2) Can anything be done about my decreased sex drive?

The most common reason we see decreased libido or sex drive in midlife is to hormone deficiencies. Men usually experience this from low levels of testosterone. Women may have deficiencies in both testosterone and DHEA.


3) I’m worried because I have decreased memory?

There are a lot of alternatives for memory enhancement. Of course, the first thing people think of is Alzheimer’s disease but the overwhelming majority of people have decreased memory due to dietary deficiencies or hormonal deficiencies.

There are effective ways to help using hormone restoration and nutritional supplementation.


4) Insomnia is getting me down. Can you help me?

Iinsomnia can have a number of causes but the most common one I see is hormone deficiency, both in melatonin and progesterone levels. These are replenished the majority of people will start to get deeper and more continuous sleep.


5) What can I do about my weight gain?

Increased weight has a number of factors. We see increased body fat in midlife due to depletions in hormones such as thyroid, DHEA, and testosterone.

Other reasons for increased weight are adrenal dysfunction, high toxic load, and neurotransmitter imbalances. These are all treatable conditions with safe natural remedies.


6) Hot flashes are making me miserable. Can you help?

Hot flashes are one of the hallmark signs of the menopausal transition. They are due to declining levels of estrogen as well as neurotransmitter imbalances. These are easily treatable and most women with a combination of hormone balancing and nutritional supplements.


7) Painful sex is ruining my relationship with my partner. There anything that can help?

Painful sex in midlife is usually due to low levels of estrogen with subsequent changes in the vaginal lining tissues. Estrogen supplementation, especially when applied directly to these tissues, results in restoration of elasticity, lubrication, and resolution of pain.


8) Can you help with my mood changes, depression and anxiety?

I don’t want to go on medications or my medication isn’t helping. A lot of the emotional changes that people experience in midlife are due to hormone depletion and brain chemical imbalance.

We know that lowered levels of estrogen and progesterone in menopausal women contributes to depression and anxiety. We also know that these symptoms are due to imbalances in the important chemicals such as serotonin and GABA in the brain, which are called neurotransmitters.

By restoring the balance in brain neurotransmitters and with hormonal restoration, we are able to help our patients with depression and anxiety and decrease or eliminate the use of pharmaceutical agents.


9) What are bio identical hormones?

Bio identical hormones are products which are derived from plants like soy and yam. They are then chemically changed in a laboratory into the exact molecular structure of our own human hormones.

It is important to use the bio identical form of hormones because of greater effectiveness and reduced long-term risks when compared with the synthetic and non-bio identical hormones.


10) Is there anything I can do to prevent Alzheimer’s?

The Sklar Center believes that the majority of Alzheimer’s cases can be prevented through lifestyle, hormone restoration, toxin removal, and reduction of inflammation.  Treatments include proper nutrition, exercise, supplementation, and stress reduction. 


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