About the Sklar Center for Restorative Medicine

Restorative Medicine at the Sklar Center

The Sklar Center for Restorative Medicine was started to meet the needs of people who are looking for a natural approach to health care. At the Sklar Center, we help our patients achieve health by finding and treating the underlying causes of disease.

Restorative Medicine is a new way of being healthy. It is a scientifically based field of medicine which uses cutting-edge technology as well as ancient wisdom to restore your body to optimum health.

While traditional medicine waits for diseases to occur, Restorative Medicine prevents disease. Where traditional medicine is a band-aid approach to health, Restorative Medicine fixes the root cause of disease for a permanent solution.

At the Sklar Center, we see ourselves as detectives in search of the real causes of your illness.

More Than Hormones

At the Sklar Center, we restore healthy, youthful function with bioidentical hormones, but we do so much more. We evaluate and treat the most important factors underlying disease and aging: inflammation, blood sugar levels, and cholesterol levels.

By reducing inflammation, keeping blood sugar levels at optimal levels and lowering cholesterol levels, we are lowering your risk of chronic disease in the future.

Additional Treatments Result In Additional Cures

The Sklar Center Adrenal Treatment looks at the ways stress affects our healthy functioning and heals the root cause. At the Sklar Center, Brain Health Treatment evaluate the underlying causes of brain impairment and mood disorders so that the important chemical communicators of the brain (called neurotransmitters) can be rebalanced. The Sklar Center believes in natural treatment supported by hormone restoration to achieve healthy brain function for the relief of depression and anxiety, resolution of insomnia, or help in getting off prescription medications.

The Sklar Center Heart Health Evaluation looks at the reason behind heart attacks and strokes—inflammation. It is not enough to correct cholesterol levels. That’s old technology. At the Sklar Center, we can tell if you are likely to develop plaque in your blood vessels, regardless of your cholesterol level.

We also look at important health factors such as environmental toxins, gastrointestinal function, and infectious in order to find a solution many puzzling health problems.

Your Best Advocate

You have an advocate and partner in health care at the Sklar Center. Dr. Sklar looks at your overall health, reviews recommendations from other health providers, and helps to refer you to the best doctors and health care providers for your needs.

The early appointments are dedicated to learning about your medical history and your goals for your health. They allow for an educational process for both patient and doctor.

This is a unique experience for new patients and begins the partnership between doctor and patient—a partnership dedicated to your optimal wellbeing.

“It’s like coming home.” –Sklar Center patient

The Sklar Center is Different from Your Regular Doctor

At the Sklar Center, we look at the whole person, rather than dividing the body into separate systems. Traditional medical practice divides you into mind and body. Then your body is divided into cardiac, nervous, skin, endocrine, reproductive, and gastrointestinal systems.

All of these systems including your mind are intimately connected. By taking an integrated view the Sklar Center is better able to diagnose and cure many seemingly incurable problems.

Why Doesn’t’ My Doctor Know About This?

Patients ask, “Why doesn’t my doctor know about this?” The answer is that it takes a complete turnaround for Western-trained doctors to accept this new view of medicine. Most doctors are too ingrained in their way of thinking to open up to a different perspective.

Dr. Sklar knows. She’s worked in both types of medical practice. Dr. Sklar says, “I’ve been a doctor for 35 years and this is the most rewarding part of my entire professional life. I have done more good in more ways than I ever thought possible.”

Sklar Center for Restorative Medicine
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