• The Melt Method

    by Dr. Susan Sklar
    on Oct 30th, 2014

MELT is changing the way people care for their bodies. This simple, proactive approach to maintaining a healthy, pain-free, active lifestyle is the best first step for anyone looking to feel better.

MELT brings your body back to a more ideal state by directly enhancing body awareness, re-hydrating connective tissue, and decreasing stuck stress that accumulates from daily living.

The first time you MELT, you can see and feel a difference – and over time, you can transform how your body looks and feels.

Niki Parker, a certified Melt Method Instructor will be on hand at our November 13th event to show you how you can look younger and refreshed. 

Everyone attending will receive a FREE 50-Second Melt Facelift!

Regardless of your age, gender, or current activity level, anyone can learn to MELT!

Author Dr. Susan Sklar

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