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    by Dr. Susan Sklar
    on Mar 24th, 2015

Lunafest happened last Sunday afternoon. This joint fundraiser held by the makers of Luna bars benefitted the Junior League of Long Beach and the Breast Cancer Fund. 
It was a festival of short films by women along with drinks, food, a silent auction and a raffle. So much fun! 
Dr. Sklar met the Junior League president, Danita Humphrey, who thanked her for the sponsorship support of the Sklar Center for this event. 

Dr. Sklar was impressed by the Junior League’s work with children’s healthy nutrition and self-esteem projects, which are truly inspiring. Look at their work with children and teens on their Key Initiatives page: https://www.jllb.org/?nd=key_initiatives 

The Breast Cancer Fund is a wonderful organization whose mission is breast cancer prevention. While other organizations work on finding a cure or helping to support women who have already been diagnosed, the Breast Cancer Fund targets prevention through big picture solutions of cleaning toxins out of the environment and lowering radiation exposure. 

 Breast Cancer Fund

Risk factors for breast cancer: lifestyle, inherited factors, and reproductive history, are often the focus of efforts do something about breast cancer.  Although these factors have a significant influence on risk, less than half of all breast cancer cases in the United States can be attributed to these factors. The majority of women who develop breast cancer have none of these risk factors.The “pink” efforts on behalf of breast cancer survivors are admirable but miss the opportunity to actually prevent breast cancer.

Environmental toxins are a major focus of activity at the Sklar Center. With breast cancer rates increased 40% in a generation, it is vital that we work on prevention.  Breast cancer is one of many diseases that can be prevented by lowering our exposure to toxins. The Sklar Center recommends checking out the Breast Cancer Fund website for their helpful downloadable tip cards http://www.breastcancerfund.org/reduce-your-risk/educate-friends-family

Author Dr. Susan Sklar

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