• Fatigue?

    by Dr. Susan Sklar
    on Apr 7th, 2014

Do you have trouble getting through your day due to fatigue?
Do you wake up tired even after a full night’s sleep?
Are you frustrated by not having enough energy to have fun?

Fatigue is one of the most common symptoms that we see at the Sklar Center for Restorative Medicine. Fatigue or low energy means that you are not able to get things done that you want to do during the day. It may mean that that you really have to push yourself in order to complete your tasks or work or that you struggle to get the necessities done. For some people it means having to nap every day and for other people, it means wanting to nap, but not being in a place where you are able to.  It also may mean having a list of tasks that is never completed. Or, you may complete the things you absolutely have to do, but are not able to do the things you enjoy like hobbies, socializing or creative endeavors.

What happens when you go see your doctor with a complaint of fatigue? Well, I can tell you as a doctor who practiced conventional medicine for most of my practice career, your doctor will look for a couple of causes of fatigue. They may order some blood tests. If the tests are normal, they may suggest a depression medication under the misguided ideas that depression is the cause of your fatigue. Beyond, that, there’s no help. When I learned about Restorative Medicine, I began to understand truly what causes fatigue.

Fatigue is a complex problem and is one of the most common symptoms encountered in midlife men and women. Hormones, stress, sleep problems, diet, and environmental toxins are possible causes of fatigue.   Age related hormone decline in thyroid function, DHEA and other vitality hormones accounts for the major causes of low energy.  These hormones can be restored, resulting in increased energy and vitality.  The stress induced problem of Adrenal Fatigue is another significant cause of fatigue.  Low adrenal cortisol production can lead to profound fatigue.  Hormone restoration along with herbal and lifestyle treatment of adrenal fatigue revives energy significantly.  Insomnia is epidemic in the United States.  Attention to  hormonal, stress, lifestyle and nutritional deficiencies can treat insomnia safely and without addicting medicines.  Fatigue also occurs in younger men and women due to stress, environmental toxins, and poor nutrition.  Environmental toxins, which are retained by the fat cells in the body, can cause low energy in addition to many other symptoms. Safe methods of detoxification with natural nutritional supplements can help to renew energy. Nutritional deficiencies can be evaluated through blood testing and corrected with healthy diet and vitamin supplementation.

Author Dr. Susan Sklar

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