• A Safe Place To Talk

    by Dr. Susan Sklar
    on Jan 29th, 2015

Quite frankly, we don’t get a lot of people with the daring to come to our LIBIDO events.  It certainly is on our minds, but we don’t confront it.  We may keep our problems and questions to ourselves. Too embarrassed to talk about it, we suffer in silence or stay ignorant.

In order to solve our problems and answer our questions, we have to talk.  That’s how we get our thoughts and feelings out into the open where we can work on them.

It is possible to have an honest and direct conversation about sex, but you have to feel safe.  You have to feel sure that no one is going to laugh at you or think you’re weird.

What could be a safer place to talk than the Sklar Center?  Before opening the Sklar Center for Restorative Medicine, Dr. Sklar got advanced training in female sexual function.  She spent three years working under the most famous doctors in this field and even gave a presentation at the International Society for the Study of Women’s Sexual Health in 2007.  She was a reviewer of scientific studies for the Journal of Sexual Medicine.

Dr. Sklar is an expert in women’s sexual function.  You can ask her ANYTHING.  Sex is hard to discuss out in the open, but come to our event and we will show you how.

Author Dr. Susan Sklar

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