• $2.6 Billion and No Benefit?

    on Aug 19th, 2014

Recently an Italian public health authority, Dr. Alberto Donzelli, was reprimanded for saying that Zetia and Vytorin, two cholesterol lowering medications, don’t work.

Merck, the manufacturer, threatened to take him to court.  As head of the public health department in Milan, Dr. Donzelli was advising treating doctors that these medications don’t do anything to cut down heart attacks.

$2.6 billion was spent on these two medications in 2013. Dr. Donzelli said that these medications have never been shown to improve clinical outcomes. Why are they still being promoted?  $$$.  That’s why.  Plus, this type of bullying is one way pharmaceutical companies keep us all in the dark.

Stay on your toes and question each medication prescribed for you.  Do your research before you take prescription medications for cholesterol lowering. You may be better off with dietary and exercise treatment for prevention of cardiovascular disease.

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