HCG Metabolic Fat Loss Program



What is the ideal weight for your body? Should you calculate that weight based on the body mass index (BMI)? What is BMI? How does waist size and where you carry the weight affect its impact on your overall health and the potential life threatening consequences of being overweight?

Are you plagued by belly fat? Do your joints feel the additional impact of the excess weight you carry?

Are you worried about the health effects of being overweight? Are you frustrated in your weight loss efforts? Have you been able to lose weight, only to regain it and more later?

You are not alone. An estimated 75 million Americans were dieting as of May 2011 according to Marketdata Enterprises, Inc., a leading independent market research publisher of “off-the-shelf” studies about service industries since 1979.

80% of those dieters are do-it-yourself fad dieters, moving from one fad to another. The rest comprise participants in the $60.9 billion U.S. Weight Loss Industry with few individuals seeing long term success.

With the Sklar Center HCG Metabolic  Fat Loss Program, our goal is for you to lose body fat the right way and to keep it off. Your healthy metabolism depends on maintaining a healthy muscle mass while losing body fat. The program provides you with a metabolic reset to enable rapid, targeted fat loss, preservation of muscle mass, and loss of cravings.

This 8 week Sklar Center Program is focused on reducing the risk of diabetes, heart disease and cancer by helping you achieve a healthy body composition – and we want you to look good too while optimizing your health and increasing your longevity!