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Dr. Susan Sklar
Doctor | Author | Speaker

Dr. Sklar is a Harvard trained gynecologist who went from sluggish, burned out and overwhelmed to vibrant, vital and happy using the Sklar Center Protocols she developed for the Sklar Center for Restorative Medicine.

She started the Sklar Center for Restorative Medicine in 2007 as a response to the unmet needs of men and women who are looking for answers to the questions of how to feel good in midlife and maintain optimum health long term.

Her journey into this cutting edge medical field began with her own medical problems of gluten intolerance misdiagnosed as colitis, multiple hormone changes so common to midlife women, and disabling osteoarthritis of the knee which was predicted to never improve.

At her center, she implements the perspectives of Restorative and Anti-Aging Medicine which recognize that hormonal and other biochemical deficiencies cause humans to age and decline in ways that are not necessary or inevitable. Replacement and balancing of these natural substances result in improved vitality and a longer healthy span of life with less chronic illness.

After more than 20 years of experience as an Obstetrician-Gynecologist Dr. Sklar pursued training in sexual function solutions for men and women and completed the nationally recognized fellowship in Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine sponsored by the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine.

Her passion is bringing this knowledge to the community so that everyone can take advantage of this new perspective and live longer, healthier lives. She happily no longer has stomach or knee problems, her hormones are balanced, and she is able to enjoy exercising regularly at outdoor boot camps by the beach with people half her age. She sees private patients at her center in Long Beach, California.

Appearances include:

  • Dental Wellness Center

  • American Dental Association

  • California Dental Association

  • Soroptimist International

  • Veterans Administration National Ambulatory Care Conference

  • University of Southern California

  • Assistance League of Long Beach

  • Long Beach Veteran’s Administration Hospital

Speaking Topics include:

  • “Burning Mouth – Real or Imaginary Syndrome?”

  • “Stress Can Kill – Five Natural Solutions to Protect Yourself”

  • “Dump the Midlife Blahs – How Hormones Will Get Your Vitality Back”

  • “Renewing Your Sexual Mojo – Yes, You Can Get It Back”

  • “The Masquerade: Mental Disease or Hormone Problem?”

  • “Improve Your Mood – Five Natural Solutions That Work When Prescriptions Don’t”

  • “A Gut Feeling? – Intestinal Health and Mental Disorders”


Dr. Sklar is highly knowledgeable as an expert in her field of medicine, first as an OB-GYN for twenty years and now as a cutting edge physician in Restorative Medicine for the past five years. She is highly personable, compassionate and professional.
Mimi Glaes, Student at Iliff School of Theology

Dr. Susan Sklar is a caring and dedicated Physician who uses extensive scientific data, patient input, and her years of experience to create advanced Wellness Programs for her patients. She has a unique approach to medicine based the research Suzanne Somers writes about in her books. And this approach creates improved energy, well being, and health for her patients so that they can enjoy long, active, energized, and happy lives. It was an honor to be her Business Coach and to watch her practice grow and to see her help so many people. I would recommend Dr. Susan Sklar to anyone who wants to take a proactive approach to maintaining their health.
Donna Schilder, MCC, BCC Executive Coach / Career Coach / Master Certified Coach

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