Payment and Insurance

“Do You Take Insurance?”

The very heart of Restorative Medicine as practiced at the Sklar Center is attention to the unique circumstances of each and every patient as well as the provision of adequate doctor-patient communication time and preventive learning procedures.

“Taking insurance” means that doctors have to work with the requirements of the insurance companies rather than the needs of the patient. This means that insurance companies are guiding your care.

Unfortunately, insurance companies place profits above your health as their highest priority. Insurance companies run a “sick care” system rather than a “health care” system. Their entire system of payment is based on diagnoses of sickness. They do not place a high value on prevention and wellness.

It is a fact that  medical care is heavily influenced by insurance companies, in that most medical practitioners have signed contracts with them. The reason for this alliance, or the doctor being on “The List,” is based on an exchange of patient enrollees for concessions from the doctors on that list.

In other words, doctors rely heavily on a constant stream of new patients as a result of being on “The List.” This results in certain compromises… limitations on the type of treatment they can render and a regulation of their fees.

When a doctor has signed an insurance contract, he or she is pressured to get as many ‘things’ done in as little time as possible. Spending the time to accommodate the unique differences of each patient becomes less important since spending that extra time impacts the doctor’s profit margin.

Many of the new patients I interview that have been to insurance offices feel like their needs were not addressed. Doctors, in the rush to move patients along, have limited focus and offer the fastest solution, one found in a prescription medication.

At the Sklar Center we want you to be the center of our attention. We want to spend our time and efforts taking care of you and not negotiating with your insurance company. This is the reason that I have no contractual affiliations with any health insurance companies. However we are able to provide billing information to submit to your insurance carrier for our services. We also accept Health Savings Accounts funds as payment.