My Own Hormone Kit

Want to feel like yourself again?
Need relief of menopause symptoms?
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Are you feeling tired, dejected, and irritable? Is it as if you woke up one day and nothing seems to be working right anymore?

Do you want to feel young again, but fear that will never happen? Are you worrying about problems in your marriage? Are you having trouble functioning at work?

The good news is that hormonal changes are completely normal for men and women even as young as 35 years old. The bad news is that our health care system and most doctors are not trained to provide a complete program for men and women to rejuvenate themselves and feel normal again.

Many of my clients have spoken with numerous doctors who don’t listen, seen specialists who don’t have answers, tried diet and supplement programs that provide minimal results, and researched the internet with little to nothing to show for it.

Hormones are important chemical communicators in our bodies. They provide communication between our nervous system, our immune system, and our endocrine system. What does this mean for us?

It means they are involved in how we feel, how we think, what our weight is, and risk of chronic disease, just to mention a few things.

Our hormone levels decline as we get older. Our hormones are at their optimum levels when we are in our 20s. And I hate to tell you, it’s all downhill from there.

By the time are in our mid-40s some of our important hormones are present at half the amount that they were in our 20s. Added to this gradual decline with age, is the decrease in hormone levels due to stress. And who isn’t stressed? Stress plays a devastating role in our physiology.

There is a great solution. And that’s what’s so exciting about Restorative Medicine. There are hundreds of hormones in the human body, but in Restorative Medicine we’ve picked a few of the most important ones to restore and balance.

I have personally witnessed amazing transformations in my patients. People who were initially depressed, haggard looking, and exhausted become transformed into vibrant, energetic, and happy people.


This kit is a great start toward balanced hormones. Hand selected by Dr. Sklar for your benefit.

The kit includes thyroid support, estrogen support, Vitamin D, and the following natural hormones: progesterone, melatonin, DHEA and pregnenolone. A FREE subscription to the Sklar Center monthly webinar series is included!


1) NEW YOU BALANCING CREAM FOR WOMEN contains natural progesterone cream for relief of hot flashes and menstrual problems. Progesterone is a balancing hormone for estrogen and is a natural calming hormone. Use 1-2 pumps per day depending on severity of symptoms.

2) NEW YOU MELATONIN PLUS improves sleep and increases synergy of your other hormones. Melatonin is produced in the pineal gland and is the hormone involved in circadian, or daily, rhythms. Valerian and passionflower are natural calming herbs which enhance the sleep effects.

3) MY OWN HORMONE KIT has natural precursors and minerals to help stimulate thyroid hormone production, which declines with age. Contains: L-tyrosine which is a precursor for the synthesis of thyroid hormones and bladderwrack which is a type of seaweed rich in iodine to support thyroid hormone production.

MY OWN HORMONE KIT has herbal estrogen support which decreases symptoms from low estrogen. Black cohosh has been shown to significantly reduce mild menopause-related symptoms. Resveratrol, the same dietary phytoestrogen found in grapes and red wine, has estrogenic activities while providing cardioprotective effects.

MY OWN HORMONE KIT has DHEA to boost energy and relieve effects of stress. DHEA is secreted naturally by the adrenal glands. It is important as a regulating hormone and is a precursor hormone which turns into other important hormones.

DHEA naturally decreases in the body with age. Lower levels of DHEA have been associated with poor health. Pregnenolone is a support for adrenal function and improves memory. Pregnenolone is a key precursor to DHEA, cortisol and progesterone.

MY OWN HORMONE KIT has Vitamin D which prevents chronic disease and enhances healthy body function. Vitamin D is involved in over 400 metabolic processes in the body.

There is widespread deficiency in Vitamin D in the population. Low levels of Vitamin D are associated with increased risk of chronic disease.