Hormone Health Program



Are you feeling tired, dejected, and irritable? Is it as if you woke up one day and nothing seems to be working right anymore?

Do you want to feel young again, but nothing seems to work? Are you worrying about problems in your marriage? Are you having trouble functioning at work?

The good news is that hormonal changes are completely normal for men and women even as young as 30. The bad news is that our health care system and most doctors are not trained to provide a complete program for people to rejuvenate themselves and feel normal again.

Many of my clients have spoken with numerous doctors who don’t listen, seen specialists who don’t have answers, tried diet and supplement programs that provide minimal results, and researched the internet with little to nothing to show for it.

We know that hormones are important chemical communicators in our bodies and their levels decline as we get older. We used to think that hormones declined because we age.

We now know that just the opposite is true. We age because our hormones decline. And we have also found that stress and toxins affect hormones as well.

Women are a 3-ring circus – actually a 5-ring circus. Monthly hormone changes, pregnancy, post-partum changes, menopause and peri-menopause are responsible for a variety of symptoms that can be relieved by treating the underlying hormone imbalance.

Men go through a “pause” in their hormones, although not as obvious as “menopause” for women. As men approach middle age they go through a hormone transition. It has been called andropause by some, a parallel to menopause in women.

It is the result of lower testosterone levels which occur as men age. Men have increased risk of cardiovascular disease when testosterone levels are low.

We use bio-identical hormones – ones that are exactly like those created from your own body — to restore your hormones back to youthful levels. So your body will work, feel and look better.

Will This Program Help Me?

If you are among the millions of men and women who are fatigued, overweight, sleep-deprived and unhappy, this program is for you. 80% of Sklar Center patients feel significantly better on the Sklar Center Hormone Restoration Program.

With further laboratory evaluation and treatments from the other Sklar Center Programs, this figure is higher.

Is This Program Safe?

BioIdentical hormones have been evaluated in numerous scientific studies.The conclusion from these is that a program of balanced bioidentical hormones does not increase the risk of breast cancer.

There are also numerous studies that show cardiovascular, Alzheimer’s prevention, and decreased mortality in people who take bioidentical hormones. Many of the health risks and concerns that have emerged over the past 60 years are about non-bioidentical and synthetic hormones such as Provera (medroxyprogesterone), methyltestosterone, and Premarin (made from pregnant horses urine).

If you have health problems such as diabetes, high blood pressure or high cholesterol, my program is ideal for you. The Sklar Center Programs address the root cause of disease, not just your lab values, in order to help you reach optimal health.


Are your energy and drive “normal”? Were they once good, or have they always been an issue? It is never too early or too late in life to address hormonal imbalances and enjoy the benefits of restoration!

Men and women of many ages battle hormonal imbalances which wreak havoc over their lives. They have fatigue, mood swings, low libido, weight gain, mental fogginess, depression or anxiety, difficulty concentrating, decreased motivation, debilitating cramping, abnormal periods and more.

As early as our 30’s men and women begin to experience hormonal changes amplifying problems in our already stressful lives. It can creep up on you slowly or seem as if you woke up one day and nothing is working right anymore. This is not a normal process of aging! Do you want to feel like yourself again, but don’t know how?

These feelings and the physical symptoms affect all aspects of your life-how you view, think and feel about yourself. Your libido. Your relationships. Your performance at work and ultimately your earning potential.

At the Sklar Center, we offer cutting edge solutions to analyze and correct hormonal imbalances and to restore you to youthful hormone levels in order to optimize your body’s ability to rejuvenate itself.

We look at you as a whole person with multiple body systems that interact with each other, with a unique history and challenges. Then we design a personal program so that you look and feel better while your body restores itself and increases your healthy lifespan.