Cost of Programs

“How Much Does it Cost?”

What is good health worth to you? Do you know that a heart attack can cost you $1 million in direct and indirect costs (National Business Group on Health) and take 15 years off your life (American Heart Association)?

The time to start your path to optimum health is now. We call it a “Pay It Forward” model for health. A modest financial outlay now can save you emotional and financial suffering in the future. By the time you have a significant illness, the opportunity for prevention is gone.

Development of your customized plan for optimal health takes time. When is the last time you spent a full hour with a doctor focusing on your health and health goals? You get speedy return of phone calls and e-mail access to the doctor to facilitate your success.

At the Sklar Center, we put time and effort into developing your customized plan and educating you so that you will have the best results possible.

The Sklar Center has a variety of programs to address your health needs. They are the Focused Program, the VIP Restorative Program and the VIP Plus Restorative Program. The level of intensity of your program depends upon the severity and complexity of your health problems.   We evaluate multiple aspects of your health including, Hormone Restoration, Adrenal Recovery, Brain Health with Neurotransmitter Balancing, Heart Health with Cardiovascular Risk Reduction, Gastrointestinal Repair and Restoration, Breast Cancer Prevention, and the Metabolic HCG Weight Loss Program.

We use a whole body approach, rather than the single system approach of the traditional medical establishment. We also search for the underlying causes of your health problems so that you have a long lasting solution to your problems, not just a bandaid approach. Your customized plan will be based upon the results of your Initial Comprehensive Evaluation and the corresponding results of your laboratory testing.

The cost of your customized program depends on the severity of your problems and the number of specialized tests that are needed for a good result. This will be determined at your consult. You may need a more intensive program or a slower approach might be better for you. Your choice will depend on your health status, goals and budget. There is a charge for the Initial Comprehensive Evaluation and laboratory testing which are necessary for development of your customized plan. Following this evaluation, a recommendation will be made for the level of program and the needed lab testing.. Payment plans are available. We also work with Health Savings Accounts and Flex Spending Accounts.

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