Free Consultation at The Sklar Center

Your Free Consultation

You can create the health- and the life- that you want. At your Free Consult we analyze your health and strategize how to get you to your goals. It's possible to turn your health around but you need expertise and guidance. That's where we come in. We offer a free consult as the first step in getting to know you and determining if we have a solution for you. 


PLEASE NOTE:  Your initial phone intake and complimentary consult are information gathering procedures to help us understand your health concerns and to see if we have a solution for you. Please understand that neither the completion of your brief intake with our New Patient Coordinator nor the complimentary consult will establish a doctor-patient relationship. Your actual medical care begins with entry into a Sklar Center Personalized Treatment Program.

Cost of Programs

“How Much Does it Cost?”  This is a question we are often asked.  The real question is

“What is good health worth to you?”  Do you know that a heart attack can cost you $1 million in direct and indirect costs (National Business Group on Health) and take 15 years off your life (American Heart Association)?

The time to start your path to optimum health is now. We call it a “Pay It Forward” model for health. A modest financial outlay now can save you emotional and financial suffering in the future. By the time you have a significant illness, the opportunity for prevention is gone.  Development of your customized plan for optimal health takes time. When is the last time you spent a full hour with a doctor focusing on your health and health goals? You get speedy return of phone calls and e-mail access to the doctor to facilitate your success.

The Sklar Center has a variety of programs to address your health needs. The level of intensity of your program depends upon the severity and complexity of your health problems.   In addition to our intensive medical wellness programs, we have nutrition and group programs to provide a wide variety of options.


We use a whole body approach, rather than the single system approach of the traditional medical establishment. We also search for the underlying causes of your health problems so that you have a long lasting solution to your problems, not just a band aid approach.

Payment & Insurance

“Do You Take Insurance?” This is a frequently asked question.  The very heart of Restorative Medicine as practiced at the Sklar Center is attention to the unique circumstances of each and every patient as well as the provision of adequate doctor-patient communication time and preventive learning procedures.


“Taking insurance” means that doctors have to work with the requirements of the insurance companies rather than the needs of the patient. This means that insurance companies are guiding your care.  Many of the new patients I interview have been to insurance offices and feel like their needs were not addressed.   When a doctor has signed an insurance contract, he or she is pressured to get as many ‘things’ done in as little time as possible.


At the Sklar Center we want you to be the center of our attention. We want to spend our time and efforts taking care of you and not negotiating with your insurance company. This is the reason that we have no contractual affiliations with any health insurance companies. However we are able to provide billing information to submit to your insurance carrier for our services.  If you wish to submit to insurance, be sure to check whether your insurance has “Out of Network Benefits.”  We also accept Health Savings Accounts funds as payment.

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