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What If Stress is Killing Your Sexy?

Dear Susan, Your thyroid, that small, butterfly shaped gland at the front of your neck, is key to feeling vibrant, energetic, and having great hair and nails. If you think that you have low thyroid function because of symptoms like weight gain, fatigue, dry skin, dry hair, hair loss, brittle nails, constipation, and cold hands […]

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Turning Back the Clock on Aging

Conventional medicine has always held the belief that aging is inevitable and that the progressive deterioration that occurs in our adult years cannot be altered. Fortunately, there is an exciting revolution in science and medicine that identifies aging as a disease. We are entering an era where we can slow down and even reverse the […]

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How Balanced Are Your Hormones?

DO YOU HAVE: Fatigue                                   Depression                                              Weight Gain                          Hot Flashes                           Low Thyroid                          Low Libido                            Anxiety                         […]

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Do You Trust Your Doctor?

A survey by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation showed some interesting findings, especially when we are compared to other industrialized countries. The American public on the whole has less trust in the medical profession now than it did 50 years ago. We have gone from nearly 75% having great confidence in our medical profession  in […]

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The Madwoman in the Volvo – My Year of Raging Hormones

Sandra Tsing Loh, comedienne, commentator and author is on a southland book tour for her book “The Madwoman in the Volvo—My Year of Raging Hormones.” Dr. Sklar met her last week at her book presentation and signing.  Sandra humorously told of the indignities of getting older (dry shins and dry vagina) as well as falling […]

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