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Hello. It’s Dr. Sklar, again, with the thought of the week on the topic of inflammation, and particularly as inflammation relates to brain function. Some people are confused about what inflammation means, so I want to first explain what we mean by inflammation, and then go into some specifics regarding inflammation in the brain. This […]

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Hi. I’m Dr. Susan Sklar and I want to give you the thought of the week. We’ve been delving deeply into the issue of cognitive decline. It certainly is one of the big issues on people’s minds. We know that one in three seniors will end up with Alzheimer’s or other types of dementia and […]

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25,000 Men Prove Testosterone is Safe

A recent report of a large study of 25,000 men over age 65 showed that testosterone use does not cause increased risk of heart attacks and strokes. The report was released July 2, 2014.   In fact, in this study funded by the National Institutes of Health, the men using testosterone had a lower incidence of heart […]

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Know Your Numbers:  The Best Way To Avoid Dementia

Know Your Numbers: The Best Way To Avoid Dementia

This is the next in our KNOW YOUR NUMBERS series.  This number is a marker of your blood sugar levels.  It is called Hemoglobin A1C.  Excess sugar floating around in your blood stream does damage.  It does damage by hooking on to proteins and impairing their normal activity. This excess sugar is measured by testing […]

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Are You Addicted…

Are You Addicted…

Now, I know what you’re probably thinking – I’m not addicted to anything! You’re addicted and you feed your addiction probably three times a day. No, it’s not alcohol tobacco or drugs. It’s something that you’re eating. Yes, you’re addicted to one particular food. The food industry knows about your addiction. They’re betting that you’re […]

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