Mood Improve Program

brain health program



Do you experience feelings of prolonged sadness, worthlessness or hopelessness? Are there days when you don’t feel like getting out of bed or interacting with your loved ones – or anyone!

Do anxiety or panic attacks interfere with your daily activities? Do you struggle with memory or have general “brain fog”? Are you taking anti-depressant or anti-anxiety medications (or both) that don’t really seem to work for you or cause side effects?

Do you feel like a guinea pig in an experiment as your doctor tries various medications to see if they work? Have you been told that your memory problems are “normal for your age”? They are not. Do you have fears of Alzheimer’s disease because of a family history?

At the Sklar Center, we don’t guess at what will work. The Sklar Center uses cutting edge medicine to evaluate your unique brain chemical components (neurotransmitter levels) and then develops a scientifically based personal hormone, supplement and nutritional program for you.

We then restore, rebalance and renew your neurotransmitter levels, which in turn restores your optimal brain function.

By restoring your neurotransmitter levels with just the unique brain chemical components that your body lacks, your unique treatment plan is free from the unwanted side effects of the common anti-depressant and anti-anxiety treatments and is not based on “trial and error.”

It is a precise restorative process to return your brain to function optimally as evidenced by: improved moods, reduced anxiety and increased mental clarity. Your self image, your relationships with others, your libido, your productivity and earning potential all become restored naturally!

By looking at you as a whole person and evaluating the unique cause(s) of your problems, the Sklar Center Mood Improve Program helps you recover and rejuvenate.