Adrenal Recovery Kit


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Are you hooked on caffeine, 5-hour energy shots, cigarettes, sugar, or other stimulants? Are you still tired most of the time? Do you have trouble falling and staying asleep even though you’re exhausted, just to wake again the next day still feeling tired? Are you having trouble losing weight, perhaps even gaining weight around the belly?

Are you going at breakneck speed in life with no time for rest, rejuvenation or repair? Do you slump in the afternoon – say 3:00 – and need a pick me up? Does your body fight sleep at night, even though you are exhausted? There is a better way!

This constant feeling of fatigue may be caused by a poorly functioning adrenal system. When your adrenal system functions poorly it affects all of your body’s systems – every organ, tissue and gland.

It reduces your body’s ability to cope with stress and fight infection. This is not a normal process at any age!

The Sklar Center Adrenal Program uses cutting edge solutions to evaluate the underlying causes for your problem rather than treating your symptoms superficially.

By looking at you as a whole person and evaluating the unique cause of your adrenal problems, the Sklar Center Adrenal Program helps your body to recover and rejuvenate. You will feel better and lower your risk of chronic diseases such as cancer, diabetes and obesity.


Dr. Sklar’s New You Adrenal Recovery Kit

Everything you need to start feeling better. You will get relief from stress, fatigue and the symptoms caused by excess stress.

This 3-month kit contains DHEA, pregnenolone, licorice root extract, adrenal boost with bovine glandulars to assist your fatigued adrenal glands.

PLUS: Recovery From Stress and Fatigue Handbook!
PLUS: Monthly Webinars with Dr. Sklar!

What will you get when you sign up now?

  • 3 month supply of Dr. Sklar’s RECOVER DHEA
  • 3 month supply of Dr. Sklar’s RECOVER PREGNENOLONE
  • 3 month supply of Dr. Sklar’s RECOVER ADRENAL SUPPORT
  • 3 month supply of Dr. Sklar’s RECOVER LICORICE EXTRACT
  • Monthly Webinars With Dr. Susan Sklar-so you can learn more about maintaining good health.