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Have you spent endless hours searching the internet, trying supplements, and seeing doctors who don’t understand what you’re talking about or, worse, maybe don’t believe there’s anything wrong with you? Or maybe you’re coordinating your own health care, running from doctor to doctor without feeling better. You need a trusted source for the most up-to-date medical information and you need a guide and advocate to take you on the journey to optimal health.

In the Sklar Center Programs we begin with a thorough evaluation using the latest, most cutting edge testing and comprehensive health review. Based on these results, you will get a customized plan for hormones, supplements, and lifestyle recommendations that are right for you. That’s why we’re here--to listen and evaluate so that you can take action and become healthy and happy.

When you sign-up for the Sklar Center Programs, we create and implement an optimal health care plan that is customized to your health goals and needs. We help you make sense of all the medical information that is out there, then apply what is right for you, and guide you along your treatment plan so that you can feel better than ever.


The Sexiest Thing Ever

This month, the Sklar Center live event is LIBIDO.  Along with tasting healthy, sexy chocolate, we are going to have a fun, informative time.  Of course, LIBIDO is a topic that can cause some discomfort and a little anxiety.  Or maybe you feel like that part of your life is dead and gone forever.  I […]

Get ready to start 2017 off right with our Kick the Sugar Challenge! (PATIENT)

It’s time to start thinking about your New Year’s resolutions/ intentions and how you can have a healthier year than the last. In case you missed it, the team at the Sklar Center is helping you with one goal of getting sugar out of your life! We all know sugar is not the healthiest thing, […]

Mood? Memory? Weight? Blood Pressure Problems?

Poor sleep, lack of sleep, interrupted sleep can affect you in myriad ways.  Did you know that recent studies have shown that even one night of poor sleep can result in dramatic changes in appetite and food intake?  Others have shown that restricting sleep to 5 hours a night for just one week impairs carbohydrate tolerance and insulin […]


Follow the Money: How the Sugar Industry Ruined Our Health

The health of millions of Americans and perhaps millions of people worldwide has been damaged over the past 50 years by the sugar industry in the United States. A recent review in the Journal of the American Medical Association Internal Medicine shows that the sugar industry in the United States influenced researchers and ultimately government policy on […]

Benefits of Water Filtration

1. Water filters provide better tasting and better smelling drinking water by removing chlorine and bacterial contaminants. 2. Point-of-use water filters remove lead from drinking water immediately prior to consumption, thus preventing this harmful substance from entering the body. 3. The purchase of a countertop filter results in a source of clean, healthy water that […]

Sklar Center Programs
Dr. Susan Sklar has developed several programs to help women just like you overcome debilitating health issue. Below are the programs currently offered at the Sklar Center