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Have you spent endless hours searching the internet, trying supplements, and seeing doctors who don’t understand what you’re talking about or, worse, maybe don’t believe there’s anything wrong with you? Or maybe you’re coordinating your own health care, running from doctor to doctor without feeling better. You need a trusted source for the most up-to-date medical information and you need a guide and advocate to take you on the journey to optimal health.

In the Sklar Center Programs we begin with a thorough evaluation using the latest, most cutting edge testing and comprehensive health review. Based on these results, you will get a customized plan for hormones, supplements, and lifestyle recommendations that are right for you. That’s why we’re here--to listen and evaluate so that you can take action and become healthy and happy.

When you sign-up for the Sklar Center Programs, we create and implement an optimal health care plan that is customized to your health goals and needs. We help you make sense of all the medical information that is out there, then apply what is right for you, and guide you along your treatment plan so that you can feel better than ever.


National Guidelines Challenged

The Institute of Medicine (IOM), which is an esteemed organization, part of the National Academy of Sciences, has been challenged by researchers in the study of Vitamin D. Scientists at two different universities have found that the IOM has miscalculated the amount of daily recommend Vitamin D by a factor of 10!  The IOM recommended […]

Sklar Center Supports Local Charity

Sklar Center Supports Local Charity

Lunafest happened last Sunday afternoon. This joint fundraiser held by the makers of Luna bars benefitted the Junior League of Long Beach and the Breast Cancer Fund. It was a festival of short films by women along with drinks, food, a silent auction and a raffle. So much fun!   Dr. Sklar met the Junior […]

Precision Medicine – Sounds Like The Way of The Future

President Obama has announced a new research initiative that accelerates progress toward a new era of Precision Medicine.  This is a field of medicine that treats patients according to individualized variability. This means studying diseases leased on an individual’s genetics and unique metabolism.  This is certainly an advance over conventional medicine which has only a […]

Is It In Your Head?

Finally, there is a scientific study to answer the question of whether gluten sensitivity is “in your head.” There is so much in the media about gluten and celiac disease. It almost seems like the latest fad, but it’s not. Celiac disease is the farthest extreme of intestinal damage from gluten which is the protein […]

Hooray! Mainstream Medicine is On Board

We know that good sleep is foundational to good health.  Lack of sleep contributes to weight gain by unbalancing important weight hormones that are released during sleep.  It also causes blood sugar problems that can lead to diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Lack of deep sleep impairs your ability to make Human Growth Hormone, the most […]

Sklar Center Programs
Dr. Susan Sklar has developed several programs to help women just like you overcome debilitating health issue. Below are the programs currently offered at the Sklar Center