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Have you spent endless hours searching the internet, trying supplements, and seeing doctors who don’t understand what you’re talking about or, worse, maybe don’t believe there’s anything wrong with you? Or maybe you’re coordinating your own health care, running from doctor to doctor without feeling better. You need a trusted source for the most up-to-date medical information and you need a guide and advocate to take you on the journey to optimal health.

In the Sklar Center Programs we begin with a thorough evaluation using the latest, most cutting edge testing and comprehensive health review. Based on these results, you will get a customized plan for hormones, supplements, and lifestyle recommendations that are right for you. That’s why we’re here--to listen and evaluate so that you can take action and become healthy and happy.

When you sign-up for the Sklar Center Programs, we create and implement an optimal health care plan that is customized to your health goals and needs. We help you make sense of all the medical information that is out there, then apply what is right for you, and guide you along your treatment plan so that you can feel better than ever.


Suzanne Somers and Dr. Susan Sklar

Dr. Sklar Meets With Suzanne Somers

Dr. Sklar just returned from an exciting conference—the annual meeting of the American Academy of Anti-aging Medicine.  She learned lots of new information and techniques to keep you healthy and solve difficult medical problems. While she was there, she had the opportunity to speak with Suzanne Somers.  She explained that she was skeptical initially about […]

Dr. Sklar speaks in Long Beach

The Long Beach Assistance League Welcomes Dr. Sklar

Dr. Sklar was recently welcomed by the Assistance League of Long Beach as a guest speaker on healthy aging. Since 1940, the Assistance League has provided more that 85,000 volunteer hours annually that enrich the lives of over 15,000 Long Beach residents every year. As part of the Sklar Center’s continuing charitable and community outreach […]

New Treatment For Fatty Liver

New Treatment For Fatty Liver

Do you know what NASH is? It’s more than an old-fashioned car.  It’s a rapidly increasing health problem.  It affects 10% of children and 20% of adults in the U.S. and is projected to become the leading cause of liver transplantation. NASH along with NALFD are two aspects of fatty liver disease. This is a […]

Weight Control

It’s Complicated: How Stress, Neurotransmitters and Inflammation Affect Weight

Weight is a complicated matter.  There are many chemicals in our bodies that influence weight.  One of them, cortisol, is on overdrive for many of us.  Stress raises cortisol.  High cortisol promotes fat storage, especially in the mid-abdomen and increases cravings for starches which are then deposited as fat.  High cortisol levels interfere with sleep.  […]


Put It In Your Calendar

This is such a hectic time of year.  It is also a time of excesses. We tend to get lost in the holiday crush of spending, shopping and eating and, at the end of it, we’re sorry we weren’t more moderate. How about implementing some ideas right now for being more moderate? 1. Eat a […]

Sklar Center Programs
Dr. Susan Sklar has developed several programs to help women just like you overcome debilitating health issue. Below are the programs currently offered at the Sklar Center